Shelley Gotterer, Storyteller and Teaching Artist

Mentors librarians and educators  
about the realistic and powerful benefits of storytelling for early literacy 

Created a successful literacy project using folktales
for the Nashville's Richland Park Branch Library
Of course it’s true, 
 but it may not have happened.
Patricia Polacco’s grandmother


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My Promise
As a storyteller, I dedicate my talents 
and gifts to an ancient art.
I will research, learn, practice, and present 
folk stories in order to impart wisdom, comfort, and laughter to all people that they may grow in unity, harmony, and respect.  


National Storytelling Network 

Member Grant 

2014 and 2017 

Nashville Public Library

   1,000 Hour Volunteer Award      

Weekly Broadcast of "World Tales"

Talk with Me!
How and Why to Tell Folk Stories
Great teachers and librarians know about the power of folk stories.  
 I am available to meet with you to discuss your goals.  I have a wealth of stories, materials, and lesson plans to share with you.

Past President  of TAPPS
Tennessee Association for the Preservation and Perpetuation of Storytelling 

Past Treasurer of VST
Volunteer State Tellers

National Storytelling Network