Classroom Storytelling

Classroom Storytelling is inexpensive, flexible, durable, and fun. With a few high quality resources, teachers can learn to tell stories and guide students in telling their own stories. Storytelling activities include acting out stories, drawing, writing, reading  Children respond enthusiastically to storytelling and maintain a high level of interest in the stories over time. Simply developing a few classroom stories the students enjoy hearing frequently brings the class together with images, learning, and laughter.

            Listening to Folk Stories                                Talking about Illustrating Favorite Stories

             Making Story Boards and Telling

                               Circle Story Board

The following is an example of a storytelling unit with 2nd graders. To begin, I told about the remarkable Hand Fish that long ago filled Tennessee rivers. Then, students drew their own illustrations of how they imaged a Hand Fish would look.  Next, students told their own version of a Hand Fish adventure. The culmination of the unit was a PowerPoint presentation of the children's illustrations with Schubert's Trout Quintet providing background music.  For fun, listen to the quintet on the YouTube video below as you look at the children's art.

Schubert's Trout Quintet