Student Benefits


Classroom Storytelling is a strong motivating activity that helps students
  • trust their own imaginations
  • be inventive
  • engage in cooperative learning
  • ask for books
  • use technology for research
  • ask questions to better understand
Student Comments
Kindergarten..   "You’re supposed to have storytelling to learn how to read and write."

1st..   "With storytelling you learn not to rush.  You can dream about what you would like to do and see yourself doing it."

2nd.. "You can read a book about what was in the story. You can think about how people are."

3rd.. "Storytelling helps you have a better imagination and that helps you in your job."

4th.. "When someone tells about a grandparent, you remember a memory that is fading about your own grandparent."

        "If you don’t know about someone, you may not get along.  Once they express their thoughts and feelings, you can know them better.  

         You get to know their family and relatives and what sports they like. Then you can be closer. Stories help you understand."

5th.. "Telling stories helps you so you won’t be afraid. You learn to be self-controlled.  You learn to be self-sufficient."

        "Before I thought pourquoi stories were just weird.  Now I know there is a culture and different people behind each story."

6th.. "Reading is not my favorite subject.  With storytelling I can learn more.  I learn from talking and hearing stories. Then I can learn more from reading."

        "We learn how to present ourselves and to be aware.  I think it prepares us for life."

7th.. "We learn about the human mind.  We all hear the same story, but people take it in different ways.  We learn more about everybody by their they take things.  You find out what you have in common."

         "I would tell the visitor a story. Maybe he is so busy he forgets about the good parts of life."

8th.. "In storytelling we get to see each other differently.  When someone is telling a story, we see a different side of them.  We can see their more creative side.