Teacher Benefits

Classroom Storytelling is a potent tool teachers can use to help students learn  

 Language Arts Skills

 • Social Studies and Cultural Awareness                        

• Social Skills

Teacher Comments

"I was amazed at the eagerness of my students to participate in the activities."

"Students were inspired to try telling stories on their own."

"I particularly noticed the students were amazed, excited, and listening!"

"I enjoyed the presentation. It was great. Students still talk about it. They really enjoyed it."

 "Children are spellbound!  It was wonderful for them to have a chance to hear stories told so well." 

 "How interesting hearing stories is...without a book!"

"Storytelling helps with memory, vocabulary, and sequencing...really listening."

"Kindergarten remained attentive throughout the story!  And they were able to recall and act it out!"

"The children were immediately captivated.  Storytelling showed me another way to awaken their minds."